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How to use the catalogue effectively?
Is there any connection between the ID number and the time of the registration?
Why do we sell a limited number of the addresses?
What does it mean "Unpublished Phone"?

There are several hundreds beautiful ladies in our catalog. You can browse it, search by age, height, weight, children ornavigate by ID directly. As a member you are enabled to retrieve up to 2 addresses of any lady or ladies, without additional fees per month. If you wish to obtain more than 2 addresses per month you can pay for a pack of addresses. Here come the prices for them: dating gallery

If you are a member then you can retrieve lady's contact information if you click on "retrieve address" button on the lady's profile page. You will be directed to another page where you may enter your e-mail address and password. If your data is correct you will receive lady's address and phone number shortly. Or, you can use our express service to send letters to ladies right from the web-page; and order flowers too. We can transfer photographs and we do quality translation.

phone talkHow telephone conference may help you
How to arrange phone conversation with the help of interpreter

It is rather hard to imagine the life without telephone. The telephone is very indispensable in such sphere like international acquaintances!

What type of membership to choose?

Membership to our web site has many advantages, and can save you a lot of money if you are seriously interested in findingmembership a Russian wife. We offer 3 types of membership. For first time users it is good to start with Trial membership. Browse thru our photo album, send unlimited amount of first introduction letters and receive one reply as a trail member. Without big money investment you will be able to find the woman who will be interested in you. After her positive reply you need to upgrade your membership status.
If you decide to continue relations, after lady's positive reply, you may choose either Silver or Golden membership. Silver option includes unlimited monthly e-mail exchanging with 1 or 2 women and regular address and phone number of 1 (one) lady. Our Golden membership is available for a period of 1 month also. You will be allowed to retrieve, up to, 2 (two) addresses and phone numbers of any woman we represent in our pictured catalogue. Any addresses you don't use in a month roll over to the next if you instantly extend your membership with us. On top of this, we allow you to exchange with an unlimited amount of letter with any lady or lady with no additional charges (please don't send letters, that contains more than 2 pages of text per day). If your lady does not speak fluent English or German or other language, don't worry about charges for translationservices. We will do it for you for FREE.

* Auto-renewal Your subscription will be renewed automatically for the next month until canceled. This will ensure uninterrupted access to your subscription. You may resign your subscription at anytime: Simply login your member area and select NO to Auto-renwal of Member Subscription to stop the payments.

How is the e-mail exchanging working and what is happening on both sides of the computer?

letters writings

Using our email forwarding service will save you months of time in communicating with all women on our website. This service is available for any address in Kazan, Russia. We will deliver and translate letters to any woman that you would like to write to. To send a lady a letter, simply go to her profile page and click on the button that says, "Send me a letter". You will now be prompted to enter you email address and password. If you have never used our service, register as a new member and follow the instructions. Once you have logged in, you can type your letter into the letter box and attach pictures. Once you have completed the letter, you press the "enter" the letter is accepted for processing and email directly to the office that handles that lady for delivery. Once a letter has been sent, you can not change it's contents, so please ensure it is correct before you send it. When our local office gets your letter it either prints your letter and photo (if you included one) places it in an envelope and sends the letter to it's final destination by regular postal mail or the lady comes to the office and picks it up herself. When a lady wishes to reply, she can either bring her letter to our local office, or send it there. With this procedure it is possible to send and receive a letter in as little as 3-5 days (if she replies quickly).

If a lady has got a mobile phone you can send her a message on her phone directly! It is indispensable for urgent connection or if you want to pay a nice compliment to her or "I am thinking of you!" or "Good night dear!"
You needn't necessarily to retrieve her contact details or to torment over the phone! Open her personal web-page and simply press "send SMS" button, which is located at the bottom of every personal page on our web site. Once you send the message your darling's phone will call and she receives your message in seconds, so everything is quite simple!
Besides, she can profit by back reply service even if she doesn't know English, your phone number or just find it expensive! She will pass her reply to our office number and the translated variant of her message will be sent on your phone number at once. It is quite handy! The advantages of SMS are high speed; a message goes to the personal phone of the lady, simplicity of sending off it. SMS brings you together!

In order to send a message you need to have a positive balance on your account. The cost of 1 text message is 1.
Please, use one of the buttons below to replenish your account.

Did you like the pictures of particular lady? Probably you wish to see more pics of this girl? Most recent ones?

Maybe you have thought: "It is strange, that such beautiful girl looks for groom through the Internet … what if she is not such beautiful in real life?" or: "She has a good visagiste and photographer probably, because she looks over-nice!"

Do you want to view how this girl looks in real life maybe? Piece of cake!

Last minute Portfolio is 5-10 non professional photos made in the street, at her home or at office of the dating service. You'll become the owner of the unique pictures created exclusively for you! You will see what the girl you sympathize with is like in reality! (And in real life our girls are even more beautiful, because they are more natural).

This service is presented for the first time in Russian Dating Industry because we are not afraid to show you that our ladies are real. And because we are proud of the fact that we can be honest with our men-clientele. We really know each girl personally, we work in a close contact with them and we are sure in their serious intentions. We constantly update our database and exactly for this reason we know that all our ladies are real and still being in search of second half.

Choose any of them, order Last minute Portfolio and be convinced of it!

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How long does it take for delivery?flowers and love
What is the main problem?
What are the advantages there?

How to choose the present?

I think, to make gifts is the most pleasant thing in the world! Do not you think it is wonderful, when you should not run in the shops, to guess what to present and how to decorate, to wrap it, how to send it and to know beforehand if the woman will like the gift? You won't do it, if you use our service of present's delivery.

You can order a delivery not only to a woman from our catalogue, but to any post address in the former USSR. To send a gift or flowers to a lady from our dating service, simply go to her profile page and click on the button that says, "Send me a gift or flowers". You should fill the form, to choose the gift and to click the button "Process order". It is very simple, isn't it?

We can place your ad in our agency and some others. Many women will see your pictures and bio. We offer to publish your AD in local newspapers in any city of Russia, Ukraine, and Beloruss. Our price starts at 30 depending how many words are in your AD, and if pictures are included.

free dating ad
We will add your profile to our printing catalogue which is available for women only in our main office in the city of Kazan. Your ad will work for 3 months, or until you request to remove it.
paid dating ad
We will distribute your profile thoughout ChanceForLove Dating Network. Your Ad will be seen by about 800 women. Your data will be translated to Russian, which will ensure correct understanding of your ad. Your ad will work for 3 months, or until you request to remove it.

Don't delay your visit to see your lady personally. The average time between beginning of e-mail exchanging and the visit to see a lady is about 6 months. Remember that she joined a dating service, not a pen pal club. One visit is worth hundreds of letters. Here are the services we offer to anybody who comes to Kazan to visit our ladies, or any other city we have a branche or partner office. When you arrive we will arrange any personal matters that we can help you with. Just email us and we will make special arrangements for you.

You can plan your meeting with several ladies beforehand while corresponding with them. But if it happens so that you come here to meet these ladies and for some reasons you are not satisfied with your dates, then we will help you to arrange meetings with other ladies. Love tour lasts for as many days as you want. Its cost depends on the services, which you order, and you can calculate the total by yourself :

  • hotel reservation with the confirmation by fax - Free
  • airport-hotel(flat) transfer - $40
  • railway station-hotel(flat) transfer - $ 30
  • interpreter at your disposal (per 1 day from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.) - $ 55 (or $ 8 per hour)
  • driver with a car (per 1 day from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.) - $ 55 (or $ 8 per hour)(note that the cost includes only driver's service; you must also cover expenses on petrol by giving the necessary sum of money directly to the driver.)
  • each additional hour of interpreting or renting a car after 6 p.m. - $ 10
  • personalized search and arranging of dates with ladies during your staying in Kazan:
  • up to 5 dates - $ 60
  • up to 10 dates - $100
  • official invitation arrangement (1 week processing) - $150
  • hotel Safar*** accommodation (per 1 night, single room, is to be paid when check-in) - $ 70
  • hotel Bulgar*** accommodation (per 1 night, single room, is to be paid when check-in ) - $ 65
  • hotel Mirage***** accommodation (per 1 night, single room, is to be paid when check-in) - $ 170
  • cost of the 1 room appartment rental ( kitchen, bathroom, permanent hot water supply, TV):
        less than 2 weeks -$ 60 per 1 night
        more than 2 weeks -$ 50 per 1 night
  • discount price: if you order interpretation service, rental a car and apartment, then we offer this package for only $130 per day. That includes FREE transfer from the airport or railway station to the apartment.

    (The prices above are valid if you visit the lady from the city of Kazan, where our main office is located. Keep in mind, if you decide to meet the lady from our branch office in another city the prices for services may vary. Contact us for details)

    If the customer needs to be met at Moscow SVO airport and transfer to another Moscow airport or raliway station, we may arrange ordering a ticket and transportation for additional fee of $ 70.

  • The terms:

  • Attention! Safe deposit of 150 we require in order to make all necessary reservations, such as apartment booking, interpreter reservation, driver with a car, is non-refundable. It means if the client decides to cancel the trip to his personal reasons we don't refund the safe deposit to his credit card.
  • With the request for Love-tour arrangement the customer is to contact us at least 1 month prior to his arrival specifying his desires and advising us the planned dates of his staying (the customer should be certain in getting visa by that time).
  • The customer is to provide us with the list of services which he wants to order
  • The passport has to be valid at least six months beyond the date of the end of the tour.
  • The customer is to send us by e-mail his full passport details, his address, the name and the address of his working place, the dates of staying in Kazan or the city of his destination.
  • If the customer wants to meet the lady from our dating service in Moscow, St. Petersburg or abroad then the tour is agreed by the customer with his lady personally and the customer covers all the expenses spent by his lady for this tour (air tickets, hotel accomodation, minor expenses) in advance sending her the money directly by Western Union transfer.

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    After filling the membership form you will be taken to a secure server for online processing of your transaction. Dating Services provided by Chance For Love Dating Network, sold by Charges will appear on your credit card bill or bank statement under the name "CFL Services". All information submitted is encrypted using a secure server so you can feel safe when placing your order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Also you may pay by Digital Check (US Bank Account Required). If for any reason you can't pay using PayPal, feel free to submit your order thru our alternative payment processor using the following link - Multicards payment gateway. Find the payment button you need and click on it. Then you will be redirected to our alternative payment gateway.

    Contact us further information about sending wire transfers, personal checks, money orders, or Western Union if you want to use an alternative method of payment. Please note, however, if you are residing outside the US there will be a lengthy delay in processing your order due to it being a land mail transaction.

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