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Name: Elena Chyornaya
Date of birth: 1978-10-31
Age: 40 yrs
Height: 168cm ~ 5'6"
Weight: 55kg ~121.25lb
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brunette
Build body: Normal
Education: University
Profession: section chief
Occupation: section chief
Smoker: No 
Drinker: No
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Religion: Christian
Marital status Divorced
Number of children: 1
About children: girl 2007
English language:2 (Understands written text with help of dictionary)
Other languages: Russian
In own words: Any person understands happiness in his or her own way.For me happiness means to come back home.And home for me is the place where my heart aspires to and where my soul mate is waiting for me. Home is like a small island in the blustery sea of life where we are together.The most important thing in our life is the family: strong, loving, caring, with children, traditions, joys, noise and laughter.Such a family creates the atmosphere or home. And family is impossible without love. Love is that very force which makes two people one whole.I want to give my love, care and tenderness to my only one who coming home will always see in our windows the light coming out of my heart.I love my daughter very much, life, my work.I love comfort and warm, sincere relationship between people.I don't tolerate cruelty, meanness and vulgarity. I like to make people happy making them presents. When I see a smiling face and shining eyes I understand that a day didn't pass in vain.I like sea, to look at the endless expanse and dream.
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I wish to find the soul mate, that part of myself which has got lost in the world in a whirlwind of milestones and epochs. I am sending a ray of hope, light and love to find, feel my soul mate. Let the magnet of my heart find you in this world and help us to overcome all obstacles on the way. I am dreaming of a true friend and the gentle lover in one person whom I can share dreams and interests with. I like open, cheerful, sympathetic people. I value respect and tolerance very much. If all this is close to you as well, maybe you are the one whom I have been searching for so long?
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Residence:  Ufa, Russia
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